Weird Romance: Review by Andrew Pinard

Posted: March 19, 2013 by jamiefeinberg in Uncategorized

Wow, we are honored to have such a lovely review of this past Sunday’s production of Weird Romance. Here’s the link to the full review, and some highlights are below. The overwhelming theme? Do not miss the show. Plenty of tickets are still available to purchase here.

“Being first often requires one of the following qualities: extreme courage, excessive naiveté or deep passion. In producing the New Hampshire premiere of Weird Romance at the Derry Opera House, Not Your Mom’s Musical Theatre displays at least two of these characteristics (hint: ignore the middle one)….. Two performances stood out to me. Marc Murai’s Kevin Drayton was appropriately intense/fragile and his interaction with the hologram Nola in “You Remember” was thoroughly hypnotic. He completely lost himself in the role; the emotional roller coaster ride his character took was reflected through his eyes. I was moved to tears by his expression of loss. The highlight of the performance for me by far was Jocelyn Duford’s Nola. Her transformation from young girl to elderly woman was subtle, nuanced and totally convincing. When she sang however, she just gutted me. I expected to cry during the performance at least twice (I always do when I listen to the soundtrack), but I was totally unprepared for the wracking sobs she elicited from me…”  – Andrew PinardImage

Hope you can join us Friday for the VIP show or Saturday or Sunday for our final two performances!


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