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NYMMT has a small troupe of dedicated, professional performers who are available to tour to your venue. Touring concerts typically consist  of 1-4 actors and a pianist (although if you are interested in booking a past mainstage production, that can also be arranged), and there are an array of options based on your price range, technical needs and venue.

Here’s what we’ve got available for 2015 – custom requests are also welcome:

Show #1: Something Wonderful I Missed: A Broadway Tour – typical format is four performers and a pianist/emcee, and the concert features songs from musicals and the often hilarious stories behind the songs. Lots of customization options. We’ve brought this to Littleton, Henniker and Plymouth with a cast of 4 plus as pianist, but a smaller 2 plus a pianist version is also an option.

Show #2: Jocelyn’s ABC: Alphabet Broadway Cabaret – Jocelyn Duford offers a Broadway tour through the alphabet, with one song per letter! Jocelyn Duford is an acclaimed musical artist who can essentially play any gender, any age, and sing almost any voice part – her ability to become a character is astonishing. Joey T. can perform a half hour opener if desired.

Show #3: Something Wonderful in the State of New Hampshire: Shakespeare in Musical Theater (working title) – We’re writing a concert in our standard style that features musical theater songs inspired by Shakespeare. It’s going to be awesome! We’ll typically use 3 or 4 performers plus a pianist.

Show #4: Joey with a T: Liza Sings – When Joey is in drag, he IS Liza. He banters with the audience and delivers touching and hilarious performances that will move the audience – people really can’t get enough of him. This is available with a half hour opener by Jocelyn Duford where she’ll sing the songs of Mary Martin, or a general Broadway selection.

Show #5: Something Wonderful I Missed: Holiday Edition – This is our current holiday tour – we can book as far out as 2015 if you’d like. This year’s tour features 3 women, 1 man and a pianist. You can learn more about it here.

For details on rates, video and audio samples and potential block-booking discounts or other grant opportunities, please email Typical rates are in the $300-$800 range per show, with possible additional expenses for food, housing and travel if required.


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