VIP Night (With Amphora)

Can’t wait to catch Weird Romance? Debating the virtues of purchasing a VIP ticket for March 22nd?

Here’s what you get for your $25 purchase:

1. A swag bag of awesome stuff. We roll out the star treatment, and upon picking up your ticket, we’ll give you a swag bag of collectible items from the show and other themed items related to it. We don’t want to ruin the surprises, but there will be treats, trading cards, and much more!

2. A reserved seat for Weird Romance. Only 50 seats are sold for VIP night, so reserve now and guarantee yourself a chance to experience the awesomeness that is a VIP night with Not Your Mom’s Musical Theater!

3. Admission to the after-party at Amphora Restaurant in Derry, NH (right around the corner from the theater) – this amazing fine Greek restaurant offers incredible Greek food, with lots of delicious vegetarian and vegan options and beer and wine. The cast and crew will be partying, playing games, and dining on some amazing food while socializing with you, our lucky VIP audience members. Why not join us?

Ready for your ticket? We’ll have a few left at the door. Doors open at 7:30!

Or continue reading below for FAQ’s:

FAQ’s: Why Should I Go To VIP Night?

NYMMT is becoming famous (well, at least in our own minds) for its VIP night. With a VIP ticket, you have an exclusive night to live large. You can dress up like a star, or you can keep it casual, but no matter how you dress, you’re in for a night of awesome.

Step 1 – The date is Friday, March 22nd. The time? Approximately 7:30-8:00 p.m. Arrive at the Derry Opera House (a little early to grab a parking space downtown – especially if you’re wearing your sexy shoes!) and visit the Will Call table, where you’ll receive your ticket that you purchased in advance for the evening and your “swag bag” just like the stars get. (Note: Can you get your ticket at the door? Absolutely – but with only 50 seats available, we don’t suggest it. Better to reserve and then take your time getting to the 8 p.m. show knowing you’ve got a reserved seat!)

What’s in your swag bag? All sorts of awesome surprises! We don’t want to give it all away, but you can expect an awesome themed bag with treats and gifts related to or created for Weird Romance. Only VIP ticket-holders get these one of a kind items, and they’re always a hit!

Step 2 – Head to your reserved seat, swag bag in tow, and settle in for a fantastic performance of Alan Menken’s Weird Romance. With an extremely talented cast performing two compelling one-act sci-fi musicals, you’re sure to have a wonderful evening of entertainment at this New Hampshire premiere! And if you’re anything like us, you’ll shed both tears of laughter and tears of joy by the end of the night!.

Step 3 – Time to grab your goodies and head over to the after-party! Drive down the street to Amphora (or we suppose you could walk, but it’s a mile away in the cold!), easy to find right in Hood Commons. There’s a huge parking lot so find your spot and come inside. This intimate fine Greek restaurant is staying open just for us until 12:30 a.m, so order your fill of delicious food, beer and wine off their extensive menu. They’ve got amazing meat, vegetarian and vegan options to fit every appetite and budget, and their fried feta is to die for! Enjoy an awesome after-party with the cast, where we’ll be drawing raffle winners (your ticket will be in your bag) and playing games while we enjoy some food and drinks.

Step 4 – Say your goodbyes to the cast and crew before (safely) heading home. What a steal of a deal you’re getting for $25!

Sold? Purchase your VIP tickets now above or at

Can’t wait to plan what you’ll order off the menu, or want to read the fabulous reviews of the restaurant? Visit


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