I Wanna Be a Producer

Update: NYMMT is currently seeking producers for our fall NH Premiere of See What I Wanna See! Email us to help at notyourmoms@gmail.com.

NYMMT has created an unusual grassroots model for producing its shows. In our own miniature version of what is now commonplace on Broadway, we have a team of producers out in the community, who work to raise small amounts from lots of people. Becoming a producer is easy! To be a producer, just get 20 friends/family/strangers to give you $5. What do they get? Their name or a brief message in the program for our next show. What do you get? Besides a resume credit and the ability to sleep well at night, you also get a signed cast photo, an invite to our (private) cast party, recognition in our program and website, and any other goodies that we decide to throw at you. How easy is that? Email us at notyourmoms@gmail.com to join this elite group, for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson or a future show.

Or, just fill out I Wanna Be a Producer and send it to us when you’ve collected the money!

Executive Producers for See What I Wanna See:

Joey T. (with the help of Anthony Cardosi, Crystal Moore, Pat Pipitone, Bob Camire, & Betsy Goulet.)

Producers for See What I Wanna See (collected/donated $100):

The Cast of Unfortunate Entertainment: 1992 – Jocelyn Duford,
Glen Grimard, Anja Parish Ward, Joel Iwaskiewicz, Becky Rush, Lauren
Friedman, Jamie Feinberg, Sheree Owens, and Elliot Owens
Chispa (Becky’s Cat), Proud Mascot of SWIWS Rehearsals
Dave Ostrowski
Rose and Isadora Duncan Ward (Nat & Anja’s cats)

Producers for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson   (collected/donated $100+):

Becky Rush


Ryan and Emily Poirier

Jamie Feinberg

Executive Producers for The Musical of Musicals: The Musical!
*insert your name here, by finding 40 people to give $5*

Producers for The Musical of Musicals: The Musical!
(collected/donated $100+)

Casey Hatch
Dave and Karen Ostrowski
Anja Parish

Jamie Feinberg

Producers in Training for The Musical of Musicals: The Musical!
(haven’t yet reached the $100 mark)

Daniel Jock
Gary and Penny Jock

  1. Lynn Eaton says:

    I’ll donate! Count me in. Mom Eaton

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