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Not Your Mom’s Musical Theater is able to provide quality, professional entertainment at a very affordable price because people like you believe in what we do. We offer a variety of ways for you to participate. We are always in need of advertisers for our programs and our website (where we can hotlink directly to your page), and we also seek sponsors for each of our concerts and productions. Sponsors receive the added bonus of being featured in all of our advertising in advance of each production.  Donors are always welcome – thank you for your support!

Advertising options begin at $30 per show for a business card, and sponsors can contribute as little as $500 to sponsor and advertise in a mainstage production, which includes recognition in all of our advertising.

For those who are interested in being a part of our production team, see our I Wanna Be a Producer page to learn what it takes to produce for us. It’s easy – if you can get 20 people to give you $5, or any other combination that adds up to $100, you can be a producer! Producers get added perks too, including a pair of tickets to a N.Y.M.M.T. show and an autographed photo of the cast.

Not Your Mom’s Member Card is a buy 5, get 1 free card. If you purchase tickets to 5 of our shows, your 6th one is on us! The card costs only $5 up front, and you can use it to buy tickets for your friends too. Plus, cardholders get a small free gift related to the show at each of our mainstage performances when you get your card punched!

Lastly, consider a 2013 Season Pass ! For $65, you can reserve the seat of your choice at our concerts and mainstage productions. You get two mainstage tickets (normally $20 each) plus a reserved seat at every concert ($50 value) so you get a season of entertainment that would cost you $90 for only $65! Plus, with a  season pass, you can gift mainstage tickets when you’re out of town and you can get ticket exchange privileges if you plans change – and maybe coolest of all, you can come back to the mainstage shows as many times as you want!

We will be delighted to work with you on creating a unique fundraising or sponsorship opportunity. We are a creative company specializing in creating original video, music  and theatrical content for promotional purposes. Our graphic designer is available to help customize your message, and we’d love to discuss the best ways that we can benefit each others’ businesses. Let’s chat! And thanks for your support.

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