NYMMT Friends

There is a lot of fabulous theater happening in NH, as you probably know if you’re visiting this website. While we can’t post links to everyone we like, we partner with a few theater (and other) organizations that we love. We’re hoping that as these partnerships develop, we can share our audiences and our resources and everyone will come out the better for it. After all, we can’t afford to have a show every weekend, but between us and our friends you will have LOTS of opportunities for entertainment.

If your theater or arts group would like to partner with us, please email notyourmoms@gmail.com. Our friends include the folks at theatre kaPOW, Ghostlight Theatre Co., the NH Gay Men’s Chorus, and more. We also bring music to Not Your Grandma’s Craft Fair.

Danny Pustizzi, former member of Granite State Theatresports before recently moving out to Chicago to pursue dreams of joining Second City, is a talented actor, comedian, and budding internet web phenomenon. If you have a few minutes, enjoy watching some videos here.

Neptune Sushi Productions is one of southern New Hampshire’s most intriguing groups, performing on the stage, as well as producing projects behind the camera. The minds behind NSP are always up to something exciting and creative. Please check the link for more information on upcoming projects.

TJF Logo

Tuna Fish Discrepancy is the band of our board members Ross Boyd and Nat Ward. They have lots of great music and videos you can find via google, but we couldn’t resist posting their latest, brilliant music video by Todd Lajoie.

Tuna Fish Discrepancy


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