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  1. newchaz64 says:

    I love the work you guys are doing! I think you’ll find our work at New Line Theatre in St. Louis interesting too.

  2. Ashley Howard says:

    I am just shooting you an email to express my interest in your theatre company. When I lived in Boston I was part of a brilliant fringe theatre troupe. It was one of the greatest times in my life! Since moving to NH, my passion for performing has not faded, but I have not come across a theatrical company that puts out edgy, comical shows. You guys sound right up my alley, and I can’t wait for more info!
    Thanks! (:
    ~Ashley Howard~

    • Thanks for your note, Ashley! We’ll add you to the email list and we’re thrilled that you’re so interested in getting involved. We have auditions May 28 and 31st for Zombie Prom, so we hope you’ll audition for us! Email us at if you need more information about auditions or want to sign up to volunteer in the future. And thanks again!

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