Our Highly Competent, Professional Board Members:

Jamie Feinberg, Woman Who Does Too Much (Artistic Director)-The founder of Not Your Mom’s Musical Theater, Jamie is well-known locally for her work in music, theater and the community. She is the Program Manager of the Arts Alliance of Northern NH. She enjoys Grover, a well-made dessert and good chocolate. She’d like to send a shout out to her husband, who she rarely sees thanks to NYMMT. She would also like to point out that if you don’t attend NYMMT’s events, you are extremely lame and she didn’t want to hang out with you anyway. She hopes that NYMMT will soon become your favorite thing, and NOT your ninth favorite thing.

Nat Ward, Fractions Wizard (President)-Nat is currently writing/producing music with GIANstudios for theater, rock performance, and fun. He is enjoying being one half of Malcolm and Harrington, two eighths of Tuna Fish Discrepancy,  and one fourth of The Fitted Shirt. He will be heavily involved in all things NYMMT, beginning with Stage Manager for Musical of Musicals: THE MUSICAL!

Anja Parish, Wannabe Rollerskating Rockstar  (Secretary)-Anja is proud to admit her long-standing admiration of Mr. Snuffalupagus, whom she sympathizes with in terms of allergies.  She spends her free time pretending to be a roller skating rock star, both with little success (call me!)  Past accolades include winning the Rinatra Fusca award in high school, and not much since then…  Her idea of a perfect date  (or any date for that matter) always includes good food (and booze)!

Ross Boyd, Alligator King (Member at Large)-Ross Boyd was born in the sewers of New Jersey in the early 1970s. He was raised by alligators and didn’t reach the surface or learn English until around 1987. He obtained his technical audio skills through osmosis, and his artistic audio skills by luck. He is nineteen years old.

Becky Rush (Vice-President, formerly known as Becky Shoup and Becky Alter) isn’t nearly as innocent as she looks! Perhaps you’ve seen her playing her favorite role as Sister Amnesia in the Nunsense series. However, this two-times divorced woman is hardly lily white. She is completely content to live alone with her cat Chispa for the time being, until she can find another hunky male victim to fall prey to her feminine charms. Known around NH for her expertise as a character actress, Becky can sing almost any style of music with a unique flair. After 13 years teaching high school French and Spanish, she jumped ship, seeking a different challenge. She now teaches K-8 world language and coordinates the Drama Club program at Northwood School. Becky travels all over the world whenever she can afford a plane ticket. She is a self-proclaimed expert at practicing patience, and lives by the words and philosophy of Ghandi: “Be the change you wish to see.” Her biggest goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy; if not a child of her own then a theater program for children.

Dave Ostrowski, Philanthropist/Vigilante (Treasurer): They are treating me pretty well.  The food is mostly vegan, which is really healthy, I know, but boy I could sure go for a pepperoni and sausage pizza!  They usually refill the Brita pitcher regularly, and there’s a K-cup machine, but a lot of the cups are tea and flavored coffee like hazelnut.  Unfortunately, there are no books down here, unless you count Battlestar Galactica fan fiction.  They say I can leave when I can grapevine while doing the Pony.  I think it’s physically impossible, but they won’t listen.  On the bright side, I’ve taught myself to play “Blackbird” on the guitar!

Steven Pierpont, (Member at Large)

Marc Murai, (Member at Large)

We are looking for additional board members and volunteers with a passion for quirky musical theater and a willingness to share their time, talent, and financial resources, if applicable. Email us for more information at notyourmoms@gmail.com.


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