Theater Etiquette-A Response

Posted: August 17, 2010 by jamiefeinberg in Uncategorized

Inspired by a lovely post on another blog, (click here), I thought it essential that we created our own list of theater etiquette for Not Your Mom’s Musical Theater performances. Please feel free to comment and add more of your own!

Theater Etiquette-Do’s and Don’ts for Not Your Mom’s Musical Theater

DO wear clothing to the theater.

DON”T wear your finest Sunday clothes unless that’s your favorite drinking attire or it’s a costume party.

DO bring yourself, your partner, your best friends and your least favorite acquaintances to the theater.

DON’T drag random strangers to the theater unless you’re sure they won’t hurt the actors.

DO share your opinions with the actors via their blog and after the show.

DON”T get so drunk that the new show becomes how to kick you out of the theater or muzzle you so the actors can finish. Unless, of course, the show calls for such audience interaction.

DO dance in the aisles and cheer after songs.

DON”T step on the toes of your neighbors.

DO suggest new projects for NYMMT.

DON’T bring live snakes to the performances.

DO get excited, get silly, get adventurous and and be moved by NYMMT’s shows.

DON’T text your way through the performance unless the actors ask you to.

DO dare to become a producer, a fan, or a performer in NYMMT’s shows.

DO add your own to this list.


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