Important Changes!!!

Posted: August 4, 2010 by jamiefeinberg in Upcoming Musical Theater Performance, Upcoming Performances


How quickly things change! In the span of about a week, NYMMT found ourselves without a producer, without the rights to Title of Show (temporarily), and then performing Musical of Musicals until the rights become available for Title of Show again. What insanity! But despite all of the obstacles put up in our path, NYMMT refuse to give in to adversity! No, we will TRIUMPH and become the greatest musical theater producers of all time!

Or something like that.

Here is the updated info! Not Your Mom’s Musical Theater presents The Musical of Musicals: The Musical! This hilarious off-Broadway show uses four characters and presents 5 mini-musicals, each parodying the style of a different performer. Imagine Forbidden Broadway combined with Waiting for Guffmann (or another Christopher Guest movie) plus brilliant comedic genius, and you have a taste of it. Our fantastic cast is still Jennifer Mallard, Joey T., Heidi Welch and Michael Gallagan, and Anja Parish understudies. Jamie Feinberg directs, with assistance from Bridgette Doucette as choreographer and Nat Ward as stage manager.

Appletree Business Services sponsor (, with help from our team of grassroots producers and Boynton’s Taproom. Doors open an hour beforehand, so come by, choose your seats, and get some delicious food and drink before (and during) the show.

Show times: Friday September 17th at 8 pm, Saturday September 18th at 8 pm, and Sunday September 19th at both 2 pm and 7 pm. It’s a small house (100 seats) so reserve your tickets now! Only $15 each online.

Please spread the word! Advertising opportunities and sponsorships are still available if you want to help our fledgling company!


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