Not Your Mom's Musical Theater

[title of show] opens tomorrow!


Our [title of show] crew is enduring snow and sickness to triumph and produce a show for  you tomorrow (the 22nd) and on January 28th. The most recent adventure? With all of the snow in NH on Tuesday, we had to rehearse our lines via facebook group chat. Seriously. And we did! This just may be a world record or something. 

Bought your tickets yet? As of noon today, there are only 26 seats left for tomorrow night at 7 PM($15), plus 4 standing room seats for only $5. There are still plenty of seats for the 9 PM show and Friday the 28th as well.

Come be part of it all! To quote [title of show], “This show f*@%in rocks!” Reserve your tickets HERE or just arrive early to the show of your choice to make sure you get a seat. Doors open about a half hour before. (Make sure you arrive early enough to figure out where to park. We’re in the “Upper School” parking lot, NOT the Auditorium and its parking lot, so use the main entrance.)

Come see the cast that made actor and director Marc Murai say “by far the most solid/talented cast I have yet to see since moving here to NH in 2007″!